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Niagara Falls "OFFICIAL" Live Streaming HD Camera

A bit about us

Niagara Falls "OFFICIAL" webcam FALLSVIEWCAM celebrating 10 million

We have always been the innovative minds behind marketing our tourist destination, Back in the day before everyone had websites we were the first to come up with and implement the idea of having a "Live" webcam feed of Niagara Falls.

It was and always has been our mission to have the latest and greatest technology for anyone to simply come to our website and see The Falls.

Way back in the nineties we used what would now be considered dinosaur equipment to broadcast our feed. It kinda went like this...

Video Camera took picture, picture would be downloaded onto our computer, and we would manually FTP a new image to our server every minute or so... Yes many sleepless days and nights

At the time we were so innovative for our destination that the people at earthcam contacted us.. This was like talking to the CEO of a Major League Baseball team. And they liked what we were doing wanted to sign us..

It was a very exciting time, Earthcam had the technology and we had the Falls. So what usually happens in Niagara Falls... We got married and are still enjoying our extended Honeymoon

From the very beginning of the shovels going into the ground at the now World Famous Embassy Suites Fallsview Hotel we knew that there

wasn't a better angle than this.

We custom built a perch for the FALLSVIEW CAM it stands 12' high and is made of 6" square 1/2" thick steel at the 12' top it has a 90 degree 6' arm that keeps the cam in place.

The perch was custom made to our specs and filled with concrete and bolted to the building.

Here we are all these years later now using the latest High Definition wide angle technology complete with live sound which is great to hear the roar of the falls.

Nowadays it seems as though everyone has a camera or is trying to broadcast a FALLSVIEW CAM thingy. Which is great, From an innovators perspective because everyone thot we were nuts in the beginning and what do we have now...imitation is the grandest form of flattery..

Today on a nice December day we quietly put up this little About us page because our little idea has "OFFICIALLY" surpassed the 10 millionth eyeball. And we are gonna celebrate !!!!!

And we did it all on our own with a little help from our friends.

So the shout out's go to the following, Without you guy's and girl's people would actually have to travel to see our great city.

Embassy Suites Fallsview


 Our dedicated friends and fans on our facebook page

The cast and crew here...And the biggest thanks go's out to a genuinely nice guy Mike Rotundo


















Warning this is a copyrighted video feed. Any reproduction or re-transmission without written permission is a violation of international copyright laws.
The Official Site of the Niagara Falls Canada and USA WebCam
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